What is edlin definition
How to use EDLIN - definition: A simple line editor included with DOS. Describe Edlin help.


Edlin definition

What is EDLIN: A simple line editor included with DOS.

Definition External Command:
Dictionary A command whose procedures are read from the disk into memory, executed from memory, and then erased from memory when finished edlin.
Definition Expanded Memory (EMS):
Dictionary memory, designed to work above one megabyte and conform to the industry standard LIM-EMS (Lotus-Intel-Microsoft Expanded Memory Specification). Can be emulated in extended memory with DOS 5's edlin.
Definition Extension:
Dictionary The one to three characters after the period following the base name in a file specification edlin.
Definition Expansion Cards:
Dictionary Add-on circuit boards through which hardware can increase the power of the system, such as adding extra memory or a modem edlin.

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