What is dkette density double definition
How to use double-density diskette - definition: twice as densely as was true on the generally no.


Double-Density Diskette definition

What is DOUBLE-DENSITY DISKETTE: A diskette on which magnetic storage material is arranged twice as densely as was true on the generally no-longer-available first DOS diskettes. Double-density is used most commonly to refer to 360K 1/4" or 720K 3 1/2" diskettes.

Definition Disk-Resident Command:
Dictionary See external command double-density diskette.
Definition DOS Environment:
Dictionary A part of memory set aside to hold the defaults needed in the current environment, such as COMSPEC, PATH, LASTDRIVE, and so on double-density diskette.
Definition Data Area:
Dictionary Tracks on a disk that contain user data double-density diskette.
Definition Device Driver:
Dictionary A special program that must be loaded to use a device. It adds extra capability to DOS. Also known as an interrupt handler double-density diskette.

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