What is printer matrix definition
How to use dot-matrix printer - definition: movable print head. The arrangement of the dots are.


Dot-Matrix Printer definition

What is DOT-MATRIX PRINTER: A printer that prints tiny dots by means of pins on a movable print head. The arrangement of the dots are visible to the reader as characters on the page.

Definition Directory Tree:
Dictionary The treelike structure created when a root directory has several subdirectories, each of the subdirectories has subdirectories, and so on dot-matrix printer.
Definition Demand Loading:
Dictionary Reading into memory a disk file when, and only when, the module is actually needed by the currently executing program dot-matrix printer.
Definition Disk Drive:
Dictionary A hardware device that accesses the data stored on a disk dot-matrix printer.
Definition Digitizer:
Dictionary A device with a movable arm that can take an image and break it up into small parts, which the computer translates into bits dot-matrix printer.

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