What is optimizer dk definition
How to use disk optimizer - definition: disk in order to make the data in those files quickly.


Disk Optimizer definition

What is DISK OPTIMIZER: A program that rearranges the location of files stored on a disk in order to make the data in those files quickly retrievable.

Definition Diskette:
Dictionary A flexible, oxide-coated disk used to store data. It is also called a floppy diskette disk optimizer.
Definition Double-Density Diskette:
Dictionary magnetic storage material is arranged twice as densely as was true on the generally no-longer-available first DOS diskettes. Double-density is used most commonly to refer to 360K 1/4" or 720K 3 disk optimizer.
Definition Delimiter:
Dictionary A special character, such as a comma or space, used to separate values or data entries disk optimizer.
Definition DOS:
Dictionary Disk Operating System. The main disk and file management software that facilitates computer/user interaction disk optimizer.

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