What is decimal definition
How to use decimal - definition: A numbering system based on ten digits. Describe Decimal help.


DECIMAL definition

What is DECIMAL: A numbering system based on ten digits.

Definition Dot-Matrix Printer:
Dictionary A printer that prints tiny dots by means of pins on a movable print head. The arrangement of the dots are visible to the reader as characters on the page decimal definition.
Definition Digitizer:
Dictionary A device with a movable arm that can take an image and break it up into small parts, which the computer translates into bits decimal explain.
Definition Decision Making:
Dictionary file or computer program at which execution can continue on at least two different paths, depending on the results of a program test. It is also known as logical resting or branching decimal what is.
Definition Database:
Dictionary A collection of data organized into various categories. A phone book is one form of database decimal meaning.

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