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Real name: Zoe Yadira Saldana Nazario. Biography of Zoe Saldana & facts: IntroductionZoe Saldana.


Zoe Yadira Saldana Nazario aka Zoe biography

Zoe Saldana birth name:Zoe Yadira Saldana Nazario
Zoe Saldana birthday1978-06-19
NicknameSultry Saldana
Zoe Saldana home townNew Jersey.
Zoe Saldana assets
Zoe Saldana vicesCo-starring alongside annoying actors
Zoe Saldana height168 cm
Zoe Saldana jobActress.
Zoe Saldana hobbiesActivism.
Zoe Saldana ethnicityLatino
Zoe Saldana breast size34
Zoe Saldana waist size25
Zoe Saldana hips size34
Zoe Saldana mottoYou need 100% commitment; you have to be willing to wake up every morning knowing you're going to practice eight hours straight.
Real biography: Introduction

Zoe Saldana first made waves when she co-starred in the otherwise horrendous film Crossroads alongside Britney Spears. The film was indeed a crossroad; Spears soon began her fall into insanity, while Saldana's career took off.

Life Story

Saldana was born in New Jersey to Dominican parents, but was raised in Queens, New York. As a youth, her father died which caused her family to move back to the Dominican Republic. There she remained until her mother decided to move back to The States after her sophomore year in high school. Back in the US, Saldana enrolled in acting classes while flipping burgers at a local Burger King. In retrospect, Saldana may be the hottest Burger King Employee of all time. She got her big break in 2000 with a role in the dance movie Centerstage and never looked back. Her former fellow Burger King employees are still reeling from this loss.

In 2002 she was in two movies with two of the most annoying people in entertainment. The first was the aformentioned Crossroads alongside Spears. The movie was about three hot girls who take a roadtrip to "find themselves" before realizing what they were looking for all along was right inside of them. The second was Drumline which co-starred the perennially annoying Nick Cannon as a star drummer chasing the way-out-of-his-league-even-in-real-life Saldana. The following year she had a part in the extremely successful Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Next up for Saldana is in the new Star Trek movie. She will be playing the part of Uhura.

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