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Real name: Tiffany Selby. Biography of Tiffany Selby & facts: Tiffany Selby is a model best known.


Tiffany Selby aka Tiffany biography

Tiffany Selby birth name:Tiffany Selby
Tiffany Selby birthday1981-11-14
Tiffany Selby home townLos Angeles, Ca.
Tiffany Selby assetsShe has an amazing stomach.
Tiffany Selby vicesPicking teeth
Tiffany Selby height171 cm
Tiffany Selby jobModel.
Tiffany Selby hobbiesSurfing.
Tiffany Selby ethnicity
Tiffany Selby breast size34
Tiffany Selby waist size24
Tiffany Selby hips size34
Tiffany Selby mottoThe Playboy Mansion is so cool
Real biography: Tiffany Selby is a model best known as a Playboy Playmate. This puts her in the elusive category with other hotties like Carmelle DeCesare, Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, Brande Roderick and Pilar Listra.

Life Story

Tiffany was a popular high school cheerleader when she decided to try her hand at modeling. According to a Playboy interview, she started in a Hawaiian Tropic competition and slowly got into the business. (That’s model code for sleeping her way to the top. We kid! We kid!). She is currently a spokesmodel for the Budweiser Bike campaign, because there is nothing sexier than a drunk girl trying to ride a bike.Aside from modeling Tiffany is working on a sandal company with her boyfriend who is not famous enough to mention by name.

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