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Real name: Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda. Biography of Thalia & facts: In 2000, Sony Music bigwig.


Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda aka biography

Thalia birth name:Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda
Thalia birthday1971-08-25
NicknameMuy Caliente
Thalia home townMexico City, Mexico.
Thalia assetsLots of credit cards, Classic Latina hotness.
Thalia vicesRich dudes
Thalia height168 cm
Thalia jobSinger, Trophy Wife.
Thalia hobbiesChocolate, Kids, Singing.
Thalia ethnicity
Thalia breast size34
Thalia waist size24
Thalia hips size34
Thalia mottoThere was a stalker once in my life. He lived outside my home for like two months. He wrote love letters to me with his own blood.
Real biography: In 2000, Sony Music bigwig Tommy Mottola was faced with a paradox: how do you get a hotter wife than Mariah Carey? The answer: Mexican superstar Thalia.

Life Story

Born in LaPaz, Mexico, Thalia was a talent from the get-go. At the age of 10 she joined a female and Mexican version of Meneudo called Din Din. In 1984 Thalia was cast in a stage production of Grease. Her role as Sandy caught the eye of casting agents and in 1986 she was cast on the Mexican soap opera Pobre Senorita Limantour. After two years on this show, was cast on the show Quinceanera where she gained superstar status in Mexico. She also put out numerous solo albums during this time. In 2000, after years on the Mexican soap opera circuit, Thalia moved to LA to pursue an American acting career. She starred in the indie-flick Mambo Cafe alongside Danny Aiello and Paul Rodriguez.

In December of 2000, Thalia married Tommy Mottola and put her acting career on hold. In 2003 Thalia released a Greatest Hits album, along with her own clothing line and brand of chocolate. Since early 2007 Thalia has hosted a radio show on ABC called The Conexion Thalia Radio Show, where she discusses all kinds of issues. In October of 2007, Thalia gave birth to her first child, Sabrina.

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