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Real name: Amita Marie Young. Biography of Tata Young & facts: IntroductionShe is the Thai.


Amita Marie Young aka Tata biography

Tata Young birth name:Amita Marie Young
Tata Young birthday1980-12-14
Tata Young home townBangkok, Thailand.
Tata Young assetsNice voice, Nicer body.
Tata Young viceslimes,dogs
Tata Young height158 cm
Tata Young jobSinger, Actress.
Tata Young hobbiesDriving.
Tata Young ethnicityMixed
Tata Young breast size30
Tata Young waist size23
Tata Young hips size33
Tata Young mottoyou got my temperature rising like El nino
Real biography: Introduction

She is the Thai equivalent to Britney Spears, if Britney Spears didn't get hooked on blow, gain 30 lbs and drive her career into an abyss.

Life Story

Born in Bangkok, Thailand to an American father and a Thai mother, she decided she wanted to become a famous singer at 8 years old, an age when most girls in Bangkok are earning their keep servicing American pedophiles. When she was 11 she beat 5,300 other children to be named the winner of the international division of the nationwide Thailand Junior Singing Contest.


Her first album, released when she was 15, quickly went to number 1 and sold more than a million copies. Her second album was just as popular and she was named "Entertainer of the Year" (1995) by the Bangkok Press. She has released nearly a dozen albums in her native Thai and two albums in English. Elle Magazine named her one of the 10 most influential people in Thailand. She has sold out concerts all over Asia and continues to be one of the biggest stars in the eastern hemisphere.

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