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Real name: Suzanne Marie Mahoney. Biography of Suzanne Somers & facts: IntroductionBest known as.


Suzanne Marie Mahoney aka Suzanne biography

Suzanne Somers birth name:Suzanne Marie Mahoney
Suzanne Somers birthday1946-10-16
NicknameOh Suzanne-a!
Suzanne Somers home townSan Bruno, California.
Suzanne Somers assetsDamn good looks for her age.
Suzanne Somers vicesContract disputes
Suzanne Somers height168 cm
Suzanne Somers jobActress.
Suzanne Somers hobbiesWriting, self, help, books.
Suzanne Somers ethnicity
Suzanne Somers breast size34
Suzanne Somers waist size25
Suzanne Somers hips size35
Suzanne Somers mottoContrary to what everyone thinks, I am not a fanatic. I do work out when I'm not on the road, three times a week for 40 minutes.
Real biography: Introduction

Best known as Chrissy from Three's Company and later as the resident MILF, Carol Foster, on Step By Step, Suzanne Somers has been part of TV watchers' fantasies for generations.

Life Story

Somers was born Suzanne Mahoney in San Bruno, California. Her father was an alcoholic, but despite that fact she did well enough in school to earn a scholarship to the San Francisco College for Women. After her sophomore year Somers left college due to becoming pregnant by Bruce Somers. She married Somers (hence the last name) and gave birth to her first son in November of 1965. Three years later Somers was divorced and broke, so she decided to utilize her looks. She started to model and act, garnering a minor role in the classic American Graffiti. In 1977 Somers struck career gold when she was cast on Three's Company as a hot blonde. She also married game show host Alan Hamel in 1977. After several years on the show, Somers started to demand a pay raise of 120,000 dollars an episode. She was subsequently fired.

Throughout the 80's Somers performed in Las Vegas and for servicemen overseas. Perhaps Somers' biggest thing of the 80's was the Thighmaster. She became the face, or rather the body, of the workout product's infomercial. The concept was groundbreaking. Not the Thighmaster, but the concept of the infomercial, which is regarded as one of the first. The infomercial, in turn, surely led to many adolescent boys' first "woodies." Furthering on the topic of "woodies," Somers appeared in Playboy twice, once in 1980 and again in 1984.

In 1991 Somers hit TV again with the show Step By Step, a sitcom about two single parents of three who get married and start a new family together. It was the greatest show with this concept since The Brady Bunch. The show lasted for seven years before it went off the air. After her TV career, Somers has written several self-help books and has worked on the Home Shopping Network. Most importantly, though, she's stayed hot.

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