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Real name: Summer Lyn Glau. Biography of Summer Glau & facts: Summer Glau is best known for her.


Summer Lyn Glau aka Summer biography

Summer Glau birth name:Summer Lyn Glau
Summer Glau birthday1981-07-24
Summer Glau home townSan Antonio, TX.
Summer Glau assetsGeek cred, limber body, awesome body, can look really freaky sometimes.
Summer Glau vicesCan look really freaky sometimes
Summer Glau height168 cm
Summer Glau jobActress.
Summer Glau hobbiesCooking.
Summer Glau ethnicityWhite
Summer Glau breast size34
Summer Glau waist size23
Summer Glau hips size33
Summer Glau mottoWhen I learned how to fight, we actually made contact. I learned how to roll off their face when I punched, and tapped them when I kicked them.
Real biography:

Summer Glau is best known for her role in the cult followed Serenity. Hey, if nerds think she's hot, then she's hot. More recently, she has been starring in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. She is a "protector Terminator" named Cameron - an intelligent machine from the future assigned to protect John Connor (Sarah's son) from assassination by The Skynet's cyborg machines. Whatever. She's probably be the cutest heat packing ass-kicking robot ever.


Glau was a professional dancer since age 12 before coming to Hollywood. She appeared in a few television commercials, a guest role as a ballerina on the television series Angel which led to her role in Firefly as River Tam. She has since appeared in Cold Case, the film Sleepover, CSI, The Unit and Tess Doerner. She also stars in the science fiction film, Mammoth, which was filmed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S., and Bucharest, Romania.

Summer has appeared on the episode "Love Conquers Al" of the TV series Cold Case. She had a small role in the film Sleepover, in which she played a high school senior named Shelly. She also appeared in the CSI episode "What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?", and the second season of The Unit; portraying Crystal Burns, the girlfriend of Jeremy Erhart.

Awards and Recognition

Glau was voted Best Actress of 2005 by highly acting critique I.Q.ed readers of SFX magazine, a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress and was runner up for Best Actress/Movie in the SyFy Genre Awards for her role in Serenity. In 2008, she was awarded another Saturn Award for her performance as Cameron Phillips in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

In February 2007 it was announced that Glau got the role of Cameron Phillips in popular Terminator TV series, which began airing on January 13th 2008. The second season began on September 8th 2008.

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