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Real name: Stevie K. Ryan. Biography of Stevie Ryan & facts: Stevie, named after her father Steve.


Stevie K. Ryan aka Stevie biography

Stevie Ryan birth name:Stevie K. Ryan
Stevie Ryan birthday1984-06-02
Stevie Ryan home townVictorville, CA.
Stevie Ryan assetsAudrey Hepburn eyes.
Stevie Ryan vicesRed wine,making videos,lipliner
Stevie Ryan height171 cm
Stevie Ryan jobActress, Director, TV Host.
Stevie Ryan hobbiesDreaming, Making, Movies, Kissing.
Stevie Ryan ethnicityWhite
Stevie Ryan breast size32
Stevie Ryan waist size22
Stevie Ryan hips size34
Stevie Ryan mottoI like boys with bible names
Real biography:

Stevie, named after her father Steve Ryan, grew up in Victorville, California. She decided to move and try her luck in Los Angeles in 2005. She's caused a buzz over the Internet in a very short time with her creativity and wit. Some say she's making history on youtube.com , and others say she's making history in the entertainment business.

Ryan began posting her own self-produced videos on YouTube in 2006, made with a video camera borrowed from her boyfriend.

Many videos on YouTube are video blogs; Ryan, instead of posting her own blog, posted parodies of other bloggers. She also started a fictional blog for a character whose YouTube account name was littleloca. Her other account names are:

stevieryanOoolalaaTheRealParisJanie Lynn

In 2006, Ryan was accused by other YouTube users of creating "false" accounts for the purpose of bolstering her ratings on YouTube.

Ryan has been said to have dated actor Drake Bell, who has appeared in her videos. During the beginning of production for the movie Superheros Drake Bell had a diva moment when finding out Ryan was also casted in the film, only to have her removed from her first feature film. Stevie Ryan's Online Youtube personalitieslittleloca

Ryan's littleloca character was based, according to her own account in various interviews, on Mexican-American girls in her neighborhood that she grew up with, amalgamating them into "Little Loca", an 18 year old Latina attending college.

Apparently, many of the viewers of the littleloca blogs did not realize this character was fictional, though all of Ryan's accounts linked to each other, making it evident that all the various characters were the same actor.

It's been said that she was finally "outed" as a white girl playing a Latino (though it was never actually a secret), and was accused at times of presenting a racist portrayal. Ryan insisted that it was a faithful rendition of people she knew.

Crispin Glover has appeared in several littleloca blogs, as well as other movie and TV actors, and artists.


Ryan's first channel, stevieryan, was used mainly for posting more "arty" content, such as videos edited to appear like silent films or "found" home movie footage.


The Ooolalaa channel was used for posting Ryan's own versions of music videos, with lip-syncing to pop music such as Roxanne by The Police. But it also included blogs of a fictional character "Brigitte", who was apparently a French student living in the U.S.


The channel TheRealParis was started when celebrities, including Paris Hilton, started creating their own promotional accounts on YouTube. Ryan posted parodies about Hilton in response to this trend. Eventually, the account started containing Ryan's numerous new characters, such as "Jamie Lynn" (a parody based on home videos of Britney Spears), a young man who admires Michael Jackson and dances the "moon-walk", and a toddler with a penchant for expletives.

The channel also included other direct parodies of personalities like Amy Winehouse and Oscar De La Hoya.


At the start of 2007, Ryan began accusing YouTube of treating her unfairly, and started posting her videos concurrently on her stevieryan channel at an alternative service Live Video.

Another channel at Live Video, Faye006, lists stevieryan as "crew member". The popular Faye006 videos usually consist of satirical comments on video blogging and related topics presented by a hand-puppet and a voice speaking in falsetto. In one of the videos, Ryan appeared to operate this puppet. This has led to the unconfirmed rumor among some of the viewers that Faye006 may be yet another channel of Ryan's.

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