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Real name: Stephanie Song. Biography of Steph Song & facts: IntroductionSteph Song is the latest.


Stephanie Song aka Steph biography

Steph Song birth name:Stephanie Song
Steph Song birthday1984-04-19
NicknameSong Bird
Steph Song home townMalaysia.
Steph Song assetsAsian beauty.
Steph Song vicesHard work
Steph Song height168 cm
Steph Song jobActress, model.
Steph Song hobbiesBoating.
Steph Song ethnicityAsian
Steph Song breast size30
Steph Song waist size23
Steph Song hips size33
Steph Song mottoI would eat a homeless dwarf’s toenails to work with David Lynch.
Real biography: Introduction

Steph Song is the latest, and dare we say greatest, imported film star from Malaysia.

Life Story

Think of actress Steph Song as the Angelina Jolie of Asia. At a very young age, Song began traveling around the world, and before taking on the world of entertainment, she studied nursing and journalism. In 2002, she starred on Singapore TV shows such as First Touch, Heartlanders, Love Poetry, Six Weeks and the award winning Singapore Short Stories. In 2003, she starred in the Asian sit-com Achar!, which became a huge hit, and came in second place at the New York International Television Festival in 2005, behind Frasier. (No one can beat The Frasier).In 2006, Song was voted by readers of Asian FHM to be the "Sexiest Woman In the World."

She has since set her sights on conquering North America and has appeared in the Canadian show Everything's Gone Green and has a role in the Jet Li martial arts film War with Devon Aoki and Nadine Velazquez. You can also catch Song in the TV series jPod which can be viewed online at www.cbc.ca/jpod/.

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