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Real name: Stacey Gardner. Biography of Stacey Gardner & facts: Introduction It’s common knowledge.


Stacey Gardner aka Stacey biography

Stacey Gardner birth name:Stacey Gardner
Stacey Gardner birthday1980-11-06
NicknameThe Brain
Stacey Gardner home townBeverly Hills, CA.
Stacey Gardner assetsGet you out of Jail.
Stacey Gardner vicesReally hard to win an argument against
Stacey Gardner height cm
Stacey Gardner jobModel, Laywer.
Stacey Gardner hobbiesSports.
Stacey Gardner ethnicity
Stacey Gardner breast size34
Stacey Gardner waist size24
Stacey Gardner hips size34
Stacey Gardner mottoDeal.
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It’s common knowledge that chicks have the option of being A) Hot or B) Smart. The ones that are smart and not hot are really annoying. The ones that are hot and try to be smart are also annoying, but they’re hot so its ok. Its is very, very rare that there is a combination of A and B. Stacey Gardner totally throws off this theory. She is one of the briefcase wielding beauties on Deal or No Deal, AND a practicing attorney.

Life Story

Stacey Gardner is one of the models on NBC's game show, "Deal or No Deal." She is a Beverly Hills native and is definitely not your typical model. Not only does she have the beauty, Stacey Gardner also has the brains. Stacey Gardner is a recent graduate from Southwestern Law School and having successfully passed the 2005 bar exam is now a practicing attorney. Although Stacey Gardner has spent most of her time pursuing her passion for law, she has always loved the world of fashion, entertainment, and sports. Stacey Gardner has pursued a career in modeling and television and has been featured on the Style Network, in high fashion salon ads, and as a red carpet host for Fox Sports, just to name a few.{{Articletemplate2ExternalLinks=Stacey Gardner at IMDB

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