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Real name: Sonya Walger. Biography of Sonya Walger & facts: As one of the stars of the HBO series.


Sonya Walger aka Sonya biography

Name: Sonya
Surname: Walger
Sonya Walger birth name: Sonya Walger
Sonya Walger birthday: 1974-06-06
Sonya Walger home town: London, England.
Sonya Walger assets: Great lips, great breasts.
Sonya Walger vices:
Sonya Walger height: 171 cm
Sonya Walger job: Actress.
Sonya Walger hobbies
Sonya Walger ethnicity
Sonya Walger breast size40
Sonya Walger waist size23
Sonya Walger hips size33
Sonya Walger mottoDon't break up with me Roeg
Real biography: As one of the stars of the HBO series "Tell Me You Love Me" she became embroiled in controversy when rumors circulated that the realistic sex scenes on the show were indeed real and that Sonya in particular gave co-star Adam Scott a real life hand-job. The cast and crew have denied these allegations.

Life Story

Born and raised in London, England, in her teens years she discovered that hand jobs were the logical compromise to going all the way because she could satisfy her boyfriend while still maintaining her integrity. She perfected her technique at the University of Oxford, but eventually graduated with a degree in English Literature.


Her big break was the BBC sitcom "Goodnight Sweetheart" but she came to prominence in America with the HBO series "Mind of the Married Man". Since then she has appeared in a number of televsion shows including the American version of "Coupling" (Lindsay Price), (Rena Sofer), the HBO series "Sleeper Cell" (Melissa Sagemiller) and of course "Lost" (Evangeline Lilly). But it wasn't until "Tell Me You Love Me" that all those handjobs under the bleachers finally paid off.

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