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Real name: Sonia Uribe Angulo. Biography of Sonia Uribe & facts: IntroductionSonia Uribe is a hot.


Sonia Uribe Angulo aka Sonia biography

Name: Sonia
Surname: Uribe
Sonia Uribe birth name: Sonia Uribe Angulo
Sonia Uribe birthday: 1981-10-16
Nickname: sweet cheeks
Sonia Uribe home town: Bogota, Colombia.
Sonia Uribe assets: doe eyed beauty, tight little body.
Sonia Uribe vices: wastes time looking for non existant creatures
Sonia Uribe height: 166 cm
Sonia Uribe job: Television personality.
Sonia Uribe hobbiesinvestigating, stuff.
Sonia Uribe ethnicity
Sonia Uribe breast size30
Sonia Uribe waist size23
Sonia Uribe hips size33
Sonia Uribe mottoI am looking for Loch Ness Monster
Real biography: Introduction

Sonia Uribe is a hot lady journalist determined to make a name for herself in the field of investigative reporting. Perhaps she only dated David Copperfield to uncover his magical secrets.

Life Story

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, her father's career took the family to San Antonio, Texas, when she was an infant and she was raised in the United States. She attended the University of the Incarnate Word and received a Bachelor in Communication Arts degree in Journalism. She then went on to pursue a Masters degree in Television Journalism at the University of London, UK.


Her first gig was as an entertainment reporter for a local CBS affiliate in Texas. She was at ease in front of the camera and good looking enough to be asked back. She has done a plethera of on air reporting and can currently be seen in her own investigative documentary TV series titled "The Sonia Uribe Files" where she ventures off to extraordinary spots in an attempt to discover earth's mysteries. She puts her investigative skills to the test as she looks for monsters, aliens and the like. Monsters found to date: 0.

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