What is gucci sofia definition
Real name: Sofia. Biography of Sofia Gucci & facts: Sofia moved from Romania to Naples at a young.


Sofia aka Sofia biography

Sofia Gucci birth name:Sofia
Sofia Gucci birthday1986-09-06
Sofia Gucci home townRomania.
Sofia Gucci assets
Sofia Gucci vicesSmoking
Sofia Gucci height171 cm
Sofia Gucci jobPornographic Actress.
Sofia Gucci hobbiesSleep, Shopping, Roller, Skating.
Sofia Gucci ethnicity
Sofia Gucci breast size34
Sofia Gucci waist size24
Sofia Gucci hips size34
Sofia Gucci mottoATV Girl 2008
Real biography: Sofia moved from Romania to Naples at a young age. She started in the Fashion Industry, doing photo shoots, then moved on to music Video and finally to adult films. Currently she is signed to a 2 year contract with the Italian studio ATV, she is also an accomplished dancer and pop star.

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