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Real name: Sisse Søby. Biography of Sisse Soby & facts: Image: thumb]] Sisse Marie is a danish.


Sisse Søby aka Sisse biography

Sisse Soby birth name:Sisse Søby
Sisse Soby birthday1985-11-21
Sisse Soby home townÅlborg.
Sisse Soby assets
Sisse Soby vices
Sisse Soby height173 cm
Sisse Soby jobSinger, Model.
Sisse Soby hobbies
Sisse Soby ethnicityWhite
Sisse Soby breast size34
Sisse Soby waist size24
Sisse Soby hips size36
Sisse Soby motto
Real biography: [[Image: thumb]]

Sisse Marie is a danish tanzhammer-pop chanteuse born Sisse Marie Søby on november 21, 1985 in Ålborg. She is also a top model. She's got a smash hit with "BOOM" (#5 in Denmark).Sisse Marie Søby won the first Danish Børnenes Melodi Grand Prix excactly 5 years ago (on 7. April 2001) on this day where she made this shopping center appearence. Because Freya (and Clement) was the judges at BMG 2001 I still have the vhs-recording of Sisse Marie singing her winning song, Du har brug for mig.Since then she has made it as a succesful fashion model and as far as I know, she's still in the music business having released an album, Boom (In My Room).

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