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Real name: Shawnee Smith. Biography of Shawnee Smith & facts: Sure, you could make a Saw movie.


Shawnee Smith aka Shawnee biography

Shawnee Smith birth name:Shawnee Smith
Shawnee Smith birthday1970-07-03
Shawnee Smith home townOrangeburg, SC.
Shawnee Smith assetsScream Queen.
Shawnee Smith vicesBleu Cheese
Shawnee Smith height161 cm
Shawnee Smith jobActress.
Shawnee Smith hobbiesSinging.
Shawnee Smith ethnicity
Shawnee Smith breast size30
Shawnee Smith waist size23
Shawnee Smith hips size33
Shawnee Smith mottoOne of the most breathtaking moments in my life was meeting Anthony Cumia. His boyish charm really moved me.
Real biography: Sure, you could make a Saw movie without Shawnee Smith, but why on Earth would you want to?

Life Story

One of the few survivors of the Saw films, Shawnee Smith has become a huge hit with horror fans. But before escaping the sadistic serial killer Jigsaw, Smith was a acting on TV shows such as Married with Chrilden (Christina Applegate) and on the Ted Danson comedy Becker. You may even remember Smith from the 1982 film version of Annie, where she had a small role.

In 1987, she starred in the comedy Summer School as the pregnant student and a year later, she played Meg Penny in the horror remake The Blob, a role for which she still gets recognized. She is also a musician and was lead singer for the band Fydolla Ho, which toured throughout the US and the UK.

James Wan, the writer and director of the first Saw movie, had a crush on the actress since he was 14-year-old, and she was his first choice to play the character Amanda. She also appeared in the films sequels. Michael Bay must also have a crush on Smith, as she is a usually cast member in his big-budget summer movies such as The Island (Scarlett Johanson), typically acting alongside fellow Bay-enthusiast Steve Buscemi.Smith is staying true to horror movie buffs by appearing in 2008's aptly titled film Slaughter, about innocent girls who are tricked into starring in snuff films.

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