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Shauna Sand aka Shauna biography

Shauna Sand birth name:Shauna Sand
Shauna Sand birthday1971-09-02
Shauna Sand home townSan Diego, California.
Shauna Sand assetsMulti-Talented.
Shauna Sand vicesDivorce
Shauna Sand height163 cm
Shauna Sand jobActress, Model.
Shauna Sand hobbiesCharity, Work.
Shauna Sand ethnicityWhite
Shauna Sand breast size32
Shauna Sand waist size22
Shauna Sand hips size33
Shauna Sand motto
Real biography: Introduction

Shauna Sand has appeared on thousands of media outlets during this year alone! An international celebrity, Shauna has been featured in US Weekly, People, 944, Playboy, E!, VH-1’s “The Fabulous Life Presents: Really Rich Real Estate”, The Dr. Keith Show and recently discussed her famous divorce on E!’s “To Love and Cry in LA” segment. She is a professional dancer, actress and model, and has graced hundreds of magazines around the world.

Life Story

Born in San Diego, California, Shauna began studying ballet, jazz, and theater at the age of 5. She was enrolled in The School of Creative and Performing Arts by age 11 and two years later was awarded a dance scholarship from Ballet West in Aspen, Colorado. Shauna began modeling at the age of 9 when she was approached by a local photographer and within five years, she had signed with the Elite/Petite agency in New York. A dedicated model, she moved to Paris where she was also able to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Business Administration and learn how to speak French fluently.

The multi-talented Shauna Sand has taken her extraordinary career all over Europe, Asia, South America, and throughout The United States for a variety of successful stage, film, television and modeling assignments. As one of the most popular Playmates for Playboy magazine and due to her recurring role on the syndicated hit television show, “Renegade”, Shauna was introduced to an international audience early in her career. She continues to gain popularity with her eye-catching appearances on the covers of international magazines, calendars, television, her very own “Shauna Sand” poster and numerous endorsements which proved that she could conquer a variety of markets. She parlayed this success into several television and stage hosting appearances including one of Playboy TV’s top rated shows: “Playboy Jazz Festival” and as celebrity co-host on “The Sally Jesse Raphael Show”.

Her film career includes, “The Chosen One” with Carmen Electra, “2001 Maniacs”, “The Deviants”, “Circuit II”, “Down To Earth”, “Good Cop Bad Cop” and “Back To Even”. Shauna has also appeared in countless television series, including “Air America”, Warner Brothers series “Dark Realm”, “Half and Half”, “Charmed”, "Las Vegas" and “Boat Trip” (DVD) and she was selected by E! to host an all girl dinner party .. Help Wanted 90210” with her fellow Playmates and other international starlets. Shauna has also been featured on music networks around the world appearing in TWO #1 Hit music videos on MTV and VH-1: Weezer’s “Beverly Hills” and Eurhythmics “I’ve Got a Life.”

Shauna Sand-Lamas dedicates much time to her charity work which includes, “Angel Flight”, a non-profit organization which gives free air travel to terminally ill patients who can’t afford to fly or are too ill to travel by conventional means and “The Safe World Peace Campaign” supporting children’s charities around the world. She is also on the board of directors for “The Bony Pony Ranch” charity which helps underprivileged children as well as orphaned animals. In her spare time, Shauna is an interior decorator and designer of shoes for the, shauna sand shoe line.

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