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Real name: Shannon Elizabeth Fadal. Biography of Shannon Elizabeth & facts: IntroductionShe plays.


Shannon Elizabeth Fadal aka Shannon biography

Shannon Elizabeth birth name:Shannon Elizabeth Fadal
Shannon Elizabeth birthday1973-09-07
Shannon Elizabeth home townLos Angeles, CA.
Shannon Elizabeth assetsLong legs, Big heart, Good with numbers.
Shannon Elizabeth vicesGambling
Shannon Elizabeth height176 cm
Shannon Elizabeth jobActor, Poker Player, Model.
Shannon Elizabeth hobbiesAnimal, Rights, Tennis, making, nerds, cum, sveral, times, in, a, row, Krav, Maga.
Shannon Elizabeth ethnicityMixed
Shannon Elizabeth breast size36
Shannon Elizabeth waist size25
Shannon Elizabeth hips size34
Shannon Elizabeth mottoI have been trying to find gas masks for dogs. I have a vet friend who said that somebody in his office got some
Real biography: Introduction

She plays poker, does accents, saves animals, what's not to like about Shannon Elizabeth? Well, there is that silly no nudity clause she puts into her contracts now. Nonetheless, when movie producers need a hot chick that can be funny, she's the one they call. It's easy to see why.

Life Story

Like many super hot actresses, Shannon Elizabeth began her career as a fashion model. After graduating high school in Waco, Texas she headed to New York and her career quickly took off. Being a model sent her around the world, but it left her relatively unfulfilled creatively, so she switched coasts and starting acting. It wasn't long before she landed the role of Nadia in American Pie (1999) and earned her place along side Phoebe Cates in the humiliating masturbation hall of fame. Aside from that she starred in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) with Ali Larter and Eliza Dushku and if you didn’t blink may remember her as Harriet, the sexy one, in Love Actually (2003) when she made a cameo with Elisha Cuthbert, Ivana Milicevic, January Jones, and Denise Richards.Since then she married and divorced actor Joseph Reitman whose credits look a lot like hers only smaller. Her most recent endeavor, the TV show Cuts, lasted just 13 episodes which makes sense because it was terrible and nobody watched it. She continues to act and work with Animal Avengers, the non profit animal rescue organization she founded with then husband Reitman. In addition to acting she's found a second career as a poker player. Wait. Stop. No, she's a real poker player. She's cashed out in four poker tournaments to date. Not celebrity tournaments, which she has played in and won, but genuine this-is-how-these-guys-make-their-living poker tournaments. This shouldn't come as a surprise. Carrying two careers is nothing new to Shannon, only now both of them are hers.

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