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Real name: Haf Gibson. Biography of Seren Gibson & facts: Seren Gibson (born September 18, 1988) is.


Haf Gibson aka Seren biography

Seren Gibson birth name:Haf Gibson
Seren Gibson birthday1988-09-18
Seren Gibson home townRuthin, Denbighshire, Wales.
Seren Gibson assets32E Breasts.
Seren Gibson vices
Seren Gibson height173 cm
Seren Gibson jobGlamour Model.
Seren Gibson hobbies
Seren Gibson ethnicity
Seren Gibson breast size32
Seren Gibson waist size28
Seren Gibson hips size36
Seren Gibson mottoSeren Gibson
Real biography:

Seren Gibson (born September 18, 1988) is a brunette British student and glamour model noted for her large yet non-augmented breasts (UK bra size 32E).

Seren sent some pictures taken by her best friend Ashley Tulula Emerson, to modeling agencies, and was quickly snapped up.

Channel 4 has spent the last few months filming a documentary about her, along with fellow topless model Peta Todd. This was broadcast on 8 June 2007 as part of the daytime series My Crazy Media Life.

She has posed topless in Maxim and Zoo and on Page 3 of the Daily Star, but claims she will stop glamour modeling when her media course at Goldsmiths college, London, ends. She also posed for 4 pictorials on Frank White website.

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