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Real name: Andrea Rincon. Biography of Selena Spice & facts: IntroductionEvery so often, nature.


Andrea Rincon aka Selena biography

Selena Spice birth name:Andrea Rincon
Selena Spice birthday1986-08-17
Selena Spice home townCali, Colombia.
Selena Spice assets
Selena Spice vicesI love guys with passion
Selena Spice height168 cm
Selena Spice jobModel.
Selena Spice hobbiesFitness.
Selena Spice ethnicityLatino
Selena Spice breast size36
Selena Spice waist size24
Selena Spice hips size35
Selena Spice mottoGuys always tell me they love my butt…
Real biography: Introduction

Every so often, nature performs a miracle. Some might describe it as divine intervention. Whatever the reason, Selena Spice is a miracle of bootilicious goodness. With the body of a goddess, Selena is one hot babe and at only 18 years old, one of the hottest models from South America. Her website is aptly titled 'Home to the best ass on the net' and who could argue. Her cheeks look like they were carved by Michelangelo and for good measure he added some double D breasts just to balance things out. With long black curly hair and perfect olive skin, she is seriously hot.

"My real name is Andrea but many of you know me as Selena Spice , I'm from Colombia South America and I'm 19 years old. Hmm about myself.. well I'm a professional model in my Country, it's something I love doing, taking pictures and being sexy. Nope, no pets but I love dogs, just don't have to take care of a dog right now but one day I'll get myself a cute dog like snoopy :) One of my favorite tv shows is the simpsons.. I never miss an episode. I love working out in the gym, I have to keep this body in shape. Most of the time after a day of shooting, I just like to take a hot bath, listen to some music and just relax."

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