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Real name: Marina Ann Hantzis. Biography of Sasha Grey & facts: Image:Sasha 3 884.jpg Sasha Grey.


Marina Ann Hantzis aka Sasha biography

Sasha Grey birth name:Marina Ann Hantzis
Sasha Grey birthday1988-03-14
Sasha Grey home townSacramento, California.
Sasha Grey assetsshe''s intelligent and just cute as all hell. Down for whatever in her scenes.
Sasha Grey vices
Sasha Grey height168 cm
Sasha Grey jobAdult Entertainer.
Sasha Grey hobbiesplaying, music, creating, post, modern, art.
Sasha Grey ethnicityWhite
Sasha Grey breast size34
Sasha Grey waist size26
Sasha Grey hips size33
Sasha Grey mottoI am a professional ultra hardcore " model".
Real biography: Image:Sasha 3 884.jpg

Sasha Grey was born in the city of Sacramento, California. She attended Highlands High in North Highlands, California, class of 2005. She had her first sexual experience at the age of 16. In 2005, she decided to become an adult performer. After being home schooled and graduating a year early, she bussed tables at a local steak house in Sacramento.

She then moved to Los Angeles and started her career in 2006 just after turning 18. Her first scene was an orgy with Rocco Siffredi and others for the movie The Fashionistas 2 by John Stagliano. During this scene, she shocked her fellow performers by requesting that Siffredi punch her in the stomach. She states that she is bisexual and a fan of porn star Belladonna, with whom she shot scenes in Fetish Fanatic #4 and the unreleased Awakening of Sasha Grey.

Shortly after turning 18, Grey contacted casting agent Mark Spiegler through the Internet. He agreed to represent her, and he states that she is available for various sexual acts. Grey was featured in the November 2006 edition of Los Angeles (magazine) magazine, which flagged her as a potential major star, perhaps the next Jenna Jameson.[1] In 2007 she won 2 AVN awards best three way for Fuck Slaves and best group scene for Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge. She was also nominated as Best New Starlet, but lost to Naomi. In May of 2007, she was the recipient of the best new Starlet award by the X Rated Critics Organization.

In December 2006, Sasha was interviewed on the syndicated entertainment industry news show The Insider. Grey also appeared on The Tyra Banks Show in February 2007. She later claimed through her own website and on youtube that the interview aired on television represented her poorly and that the show's staff changed her clothing and hairstyle to make her appear younger, her youthful appearance being a feature that host Tyra Banks repeatedly played on in criticism of her pornographic career choice.

She is half of the experimental music/art project known as ATelecine. She has publicly expressed her strong interest in existentialism and posed the question on adultdvdtalk.com an online adult forum "how many porn-stars are existentialist"? Grey also aspires to produce independent films; since the inception of her career in the porn industry, she has begun the filming of a documentary that she hopes will illustrate her experience from the age of 18 to 21.

She was chosen Penthouse Pet of The Month for July 2007; the spread is considered to be a radical change for the magazine as it was photographed by the fashion photographer Terry Richardson. She is also featured as part of the art work for The Smashing Pumpkins 2007 album Zeitgeist. She stars in and suggested the title for the movie Broken, directed by Jane's Addiction's Dave Navarro. Before deciding on her present stage name she was toying with the name of Jean-Luc Godard's ex-wife Anna Karina.

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