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Real name: Sarah Thach. Biography of Sarah Thach & facts: Contents1 introduction2 the pageant star3.


Sarah Thach aka Sarah biography

Name: Sarah
Surname: Thach
Sarah Thach birth name: Sarah Thach
Sarah Thach birthday: 1982-04-19
Nickname: Thachster
Sarah Thach home town: St. Petersburg, Florida.
Sarah Thach assets: Outgoingness, Style.
Sarah Thach vices: Mismatch Socks
Sarah Thach height: 158 cm
Sarah Thach job: That Hot Analyst.
Sarah Thach hobbiesShopping, and, Being, Stylish.
Sarah Thach ethnicityAsian
Sarah Thach breast size32
Sarah Thach waist size23
Sarah Thach hips size34
Sarah Thach mottoI like to watch "300" in slow motion...
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in the streets of florida, born and raised, on a playground of sorts is where sarah spent most of her days. born to an exiled cambodian princess and her ever faithful peasant-turned prince, sarah has never lived a normal life.

the pageant star

as an elementary school child, throughout the southeast region, she became known as little miss perfect, blowing away all competition in the amateur baby beauty pageant circuit, garnering such titles as "little miss boca raton", "miss south beach bikini jr." and "mini miss florida", among countless others.

the muse

at the age of 12, in the wake of a horrific hair spray accident on a family trip in cambodia, sarah stood alone as the sole heir to the throne vacated by her parents. forsaking such a responsibility, she fled to hollywood to experience more in her teen years than most will have ever experienced in their comparatively sheltered lives. she became the unwitting muse to many up and coming musical acts inspiring mainstream hits. at the tender age of 13, while living under a bridge befriending anthony keidis, she co-penning the hit song "under the bridge" during one of their many fire barrel jam sessions. while living out in compton, the day ice cube met her, he wrote "today was a good day," his breakthrough and career defining hit. migrating north at 16, she ended up at the only known hip hop club in seattle, washington, where, from across the room, her radical style of dance (though some say, convulsions) inspired the ultimate large bottom anthem, sir mix-a-lot's "baby got back."

the butt

riding on this wave of popularity, sarah booty-shaked her way back to florida, ending her journey in gainesville for the def talent jam where she would meet her soon to be revealed arch-nemesis, Van Nguyen. in their one and only battle, drawing a crowd from all stretches of the world, the battle to end all battles, the booty shaking began. in the end, amidst all the rubble as the smoke cleared, it was not meant to be. van had triumphed, sending sarah into the typical hollywood downward spiral, ending with her enrollment into a community college in gainesville, florida in 2000.

the butterfly

there, in another life changing experience, she befriended the first asians she'd seen since she was last in florida, who slowly molded her into a shell of the asian powerhouse she has become today. in the filipino community, she has become a household name after being hand selected as the spokesmodel for the community's favorite clothier, macy's, in 2007.

the legend

having spent a year touring the world and singlehandedly garnering a 10% increase in revenue with her global diplomacy for the company, sarah finally decided she need to settle down, retired as macy's spokesmodel, and root herself in the wine country at the outskirts of san francisco. here, even in her attempts at keeping under the radar, she has her own stop on the tour of the stars. notably, hers is the only location outside of the traditionally los angeles-restricted tour; and at 380 miles, this tour owns longest tour distance in the world.

other notable accomplishments

sarah has also modeled for the mike viray photo agency promoting 3dot productions in the atlanta area. she also has her own radio show "what, what", airing sunday nights at 10pm.

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