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Real name: Sarah Hope Slean. Biography of Sarah Slean & facts: Slean is currently attending the.


Sarah Hope Slean aka Sarah biography

Sarah Slean birth name:Sarah Hope Slean
Sarah Slean birthday1977-07-21
NicknameThe Baroness
Sarah Slean home townPickering, Ontario.
Sarah Slean assetsCute, Multi-talented, Incredible Blue Eyes, Fantastic Voice, Wicked Sense of Humor.
Sarah Slean vicesSilly Ball Gowns
Sarah Slean height166 cm
Sarah Slean jobSinger, Actress, Songwriter.
Sarah Slean hobbiesPhotography, Painting.
Sarah Slean ethnicityWhite
Sarah Slean breast size32
Sarah Slean waist size24
Sarah Slean hips size33
Sarah Slean mottoAren't I a skittish, dreamy acedemic who befriends pianos? What's happening to me? I can't speak Italian!
Real biography:

Slean is currently attending the University of Toronto, where she studies music and philosophy. While she is an accomlished painter and photographer, Slean is mostly known for her musical endeavors.

She has released 4 studio albums (Blue Parade - 1998, Night Bugs - 2002, Day One - 2004, The Baroness - 2008), 2 EPs (Universe - 1998, Sarah Slean - 2001) and 1 live album (Orphan Music - 2006).

Slean has also contributed to several compilations, most notably the Pink Floyd Redux tribute album, where she does renditions of 'Us & Them' and 'Comfortably Numb'.

She has also appeared in two films, 'Black Widow' (2005) and 'Tales of the Baroness' (2007).

Her three biggest hits to date are 'Sweet Ones' (from 'Night Bugs'), 'Lucky Me' (from 'Day One') & 'Get Home' (from 'the Baroness').

Aside from her obvious talent, Slean pulls you in with her dazzling smile and sparkling blue eyes. To top it all off, she has a wicked sense of humor.

Her quote at the top is an excerpt from an article Slean wrote (for Nuvo Magazine) concerning her alter-ego, the Baroness.

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