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Real name: Sara Jean Underwood. Biography of Sara Jean Underwood & facts: Sara Jean Underwood (born.


Sara Jean Underwood aka Sara biography

SurnameJean Underwood
Sara Jean Underwood birth name:Sara Jean Underwood
Sara Jean Underwood birthday1984-03-26
Nicknamesex toy
Sara Jean Underwood home townScappoose, Oregon.
Sara Jean Underwood assetsHot.
Sara Jean Underwood vices
Sara Jean Underwood height161 cm
Sara Jean Underwood jobCollege Student, Playmate of the Year.
Sara Jean Underwood hobbiesRiding, horses.
Sara Jean Underwood ethnicityWhite
Sara Jean Underwood breast size36
Sara Jean Underwood waist size26
Sara Jean Underwood hips size30
Sara Jean Underwood mottoI didn't think I was pretty enough
Real biography:

Sara Jean Underwood (born March 26, 1984 in Scappoose, Oregon) is an American model and student. She first appeared as the cover model for the October 2005 issue of Playboy. She went on to become Playmate of the Month for July 2006 and 2007 Playmate of the Year in the June 2007 issue of the men's magazine. Underwood is a senior at Oregon State University. She graduated from Scappoose High School in 2002.Underwood appeared on the cover of the October 2005 issue of Playboy holding a football with nothing on but bodypaint. This was done to simulate her wearing a jersey similar in design to the ones worn by the Oregon State Beavers football team. She also wore matching painted bikini briefs. Underwood was in the Girls of Pac 10 pictorial in the same issue.Underwood appeared in episode #2 of E! reality television series, The Girls Next Door, as a playmate hopeful of having her test shoot taken at Playboy Studio West. Subsequently, she was given the title of Miss July 2006. She has since appeared in several more episodes, attending events at the Playboy Mansion and hanging out with the girls. In a season 3 episode aired on May 6, 2007, it was revealed that Underwood, along with fellow Playboy models Holly Madison and Alison Waite, previously worked for Hooters restaurants. Underwood worked at the Beaverton, Oregon location.On June 7, 2007, a group of Oregon State University students taking a Women's Studies course, created a poster celebrating Underwood's accomplishment of becoming Playboy's 2007 Playmate of the Year. The poster was hung outside Bexel Hall for a few hours before being taken down by Oregon State University staff. The poster was mirrored after the "Achievement" posters that line Campus Way at the university. The poster read, "Sara Jean: First OSU Beaver Playmate of the Year, Playboy June '07, OSU CENTERFOLD, People, Ideas, Innovation." It should be noted that Jodi Ann Paterson, the 2000 Playmate of the Year, was actually the first Beaver to earn the title.Underwood appeared as a pirate wench in Epic Movie, along with Playmates Qiana Chase, Irina Voronina and Jillian Grace.

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