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Real name: Sara Lynn Evans. Biography of Sara Evans & facts: Sara Lynn Evans was born in New.


Sara Lynn Evans aka Sara biography

Name: Sara
Surname: Evans
Sara Evans birth name: Sara Lynn Evans
Sara Evans birthday: 1971-02-05
Sara Evans home town: New Frankilin Missouri.
Sara Evans assets: chest, voice.
Sara Evans vices:
Sara Evans height: 166 cm
Sara Evans job: Country Singer.
Sara Evans hobbiesbeing, a, mom.
Sara Evans ethnicityWhite
Sara Evans breast size36
Sara Evans waist size32
Sara Evans hips size33
Sara Evans motto
Real biography: Sara Lynn Evans was born in New Franklin, Missouri in 1971, and is of English and Irish descent. She was raised on a farm, and was the eldest girl of seven children. Music was a part of her life at an early age; by five she was singing every weekend in her family's band. At age eight, she was struck by an automobile in front of the family home, and both her legs suffered multiple fractures. Recuperating for months in a wheelchair, she continued singing to help pay for her medical bills. When she was 16, she began performing at a nightclub near Columbia, Missouri, a gig that lasted two years.

Evans moved to Nashville in 1991 aspiring to become a country music artist, where she met Craig Schelske. In 1992 she recorded 12 songs with EandS Records which are now sold as album Sara Evans - The Early Years. She then left Nashville with Schelske 1992, where they moved to Oregon. After the couple married in 1993, Evans returned to Nashville in 1995, where Evans began recording demos.[1] Nashville songwriter Harlan Howard was impressed by Evans' demo of his song "Tiger by the Tail". Howard decided to help Evans' music career, which eventually led to a signed contract with the RCA Nashville.[2]

In 1997, Evans released her first album under RCA, Three Chords and the Truth. Critics praised the album for returning to traditional country and included it in many of their year's "top 10" lists. The album included a cover version of older Country song, Patsy Cline's "Imagine That", which originally reached No. 21 for Cline on the country charts in 1962. However, the album did not catch on with country radio at the time, and none of the three singles made the top 40. It would be another year before Evans gained full popularity. In 1998 Evans released her second album, No Place That Far. She still remained a critic's darling, despite her new pop/country sound. Her first single, "Cryin' Game", hardly made a ripple on the charts, peaking outside country's Top 40. However, it was her next single, "No Place That Far", a duet with Vince Gill, that brought Evans massive success, reaching No. 1 on the country charts, as well reaching the Billboard Hot 100 Top 40, Evans' first major hit. Because of the success the album gained, Evans' album was certified Gold by the RIAA that year.

Evans married Craig Schelske, an aspiring politician, in 1993,[9] and divorced in September 2007.[10] Evans and Schelske have three children: Avery Jack Lyons (born August 21, 1999), Olivia Margaret (born January 22, 2003[11] and Audrey Elizabeth (born 6 October 2004). Evans and her children currently reside in Franklin, Tennessee.

Evans has been the subject of numerous controversies. On October 12, 2006, Evans left Dancing with the Stars, citing personal reasons. On October 13, it was revealed that Evans had filed for divorce from her husband of 13 years, Craig Schelske.[12] Evans' ex-nanny, Alison Clinton Lee, has sued her for $3 million,[13] claiming that Evans has smeared her name by including it in her divorce papers, as one of the many women with whom Evans claims he had affairs.[14] Divorce documents filed in Williamson County, Tennessee by Evans' estranged husband, Craig Schelske, accuse the singer of having close to a dozen affairs. The list includes singer/songwriter Richard Marx, country star Kenny Chesney, Dancing with the Stars partner Tony Dovolani, and the members of the rock band 3 Doors Down. Marx's former manager and Chesney's publicist have refused to comment on this issue.[15] Kirt Webster, a spokesperson for 3 Doors Down, stated that the accusations are untrue, but that the band members "are saddened by what she's going through"[16] On September 28, 2007, Evans and Schelske divorced. Evans will pay him a minimum of $500,000 in alimony over a ten-year period. Evans was awarded custody of her three children with visitation rights to Schelske.[17]

Evans is currently dating former University of Alabama quarterback Jay Barker.[18] Evans and Barker announced their engagement on March 24, 2008 and have yet to set a wedding date.

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