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Real name: Sandy Waltrick. Biography of Sandy Summers & facts: Sandy is one of the most popular.


Sandy Waltrick aka Sandy biography

Sandy Summers birth name:Sandy Waltrick
Sandy Summers birthday1986-04-28
Sandy Summers home townSanta Catarina.
Sandy Summers assets
Sandy Summers vices
Sandy Summers height163 cm
Sandy Summers jobInternet Model.
Sandy Summers hobbies
Sandy Summers ethnicityMixed
Sandy Summers breast size34
Sandy Summers waist size24
Sandy Summers hips size35
Sandy Summers mottoI have an innocent side...and a naughty side!
Real biography:

Sandy is one of the most popular internet models on the planet. She has been modeling for several years, and has appeared on many of the highest quality sites around. She has her own website SandySummers.com, as well as her older sites, SexyTeenSandy.com, and NaughtyGirlSandy.com. Her mix of girl-next-door looks and smoldering sexuality has made her an internet sensation.

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