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Real name: Sandra Christina McCoy. Biography of Sandra McCoy & facts: Sandra McCoy was born and.


Sandra Christina McCoy aka Sandra biography

Sandra McCoy birth name:Sandra Christina McCoy
Sandra McCoy birthday1979-08-29
Sandra McCoy home townSan Jose, California.
Sandra McCoy assetsT&A, great smile.
Sandra McCoy vices
Sandra McCoy height163 cm
Sandra McCoy jobActress, Model, Dancer.
Sandra McCoy hobbiesChocolateJARED, PADALECKIshopping.
Sandra McCoy ethnicity
Sandra McCoy breast size34
Sandra McCoy waist size25
Sandra McCoy hips size35
Sandra McCoy mottoThey scare the crap out of me.
Real biography: Sandra McCoy was born and raised in San Jose, California. Her mother, Madeline McCoy, was a high school P.E. teacher, tennis coach, and aerobics instructor. Her father, Gary McCoy, was the director of database management at the county Sherrif's Department and a private pilot. Her brother, who was two years her junior, enjoyed playing basketball and wrestling. All three passed away in the fall of 1993 in a tragic airplane accident that left Sandra as the sole survivor. Thanks to the values, aspirations, and love for life that her family had instilled in her, Sandra managed to endure with flying colors. She had trained in dance and gymnastics since she was eight years old, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in show business after attaining a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Santa Clara University. Though her first attempt at Hollywood success, a four-girl pop group, fell through, Sandra has continued to to enjoy several other successes in the film industry as both an actress and a dancer. Her first real break into the business was booking the lead role in the NSYNC "Pop" music video, from which she will forever be known as the "Dirty Pop" Girl. In addition, she also cheered for the Los Angeles Lakers in the season of 2002-2003, and appeared in Music Video Beauties of 2004, her calendar debut. She currently resides in Los Angeles pursuing an acting career. In her spare time, Sandra enjoys hanging out with her girlfriends, jogging, watching movies, doing volunteer work, and eating chocolate!

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