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Real name: sam sabadra. Biography of samantha sabadra & facts: Samantha Sabadra was born in Santa.


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samantha sabadra home townsanta fe new mexico.
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Real biography: Samantha Sabadra was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She comes from a traditional Mexican family where she is the youngest sibling of 4. At the age of 19 she moved to L.A and began a modeling career while at the same time she attended college. She participated in several fashion events throughout the state of California. When she turned 20 she met a friend who introduced her to the porn industry. Her first scene was the "triple tour guided asses" for Internet website Ass Parade. Samantha is still going to college and plans to graduate in Business Law by next year. Samantha is a animal lover; she an advocate for animal rights and currently a volunteer for animal shelters in L.A.

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