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Real name: Sadie Liza Vaughan. Biography of Sadie Frost & facts: Sadie Frost followed the age old.


Sadie Liza Vaughan aka Sadie biography

Sadie Frost birth name:Sadie Liza Vaughan
Sadie Frost birthday1965-06-19
NicknameSadie Frost
Sadie Frost home townLondon, England.
Sadie Frost assetsNot Married.
Sadie Frost vicesCan''t stay married
Sadie Frost height161 cm
Sadie Frost jobDesigner and Actress.
Sadie Frost hobbies
Sadie Frost ethnicity
Sadie Frost breast size30
Sadie Frost waist size23
Sadie Frost hips size33
Sadie Frost mottoMy arms are hungry for you.
Real biography: Sadie Frost followed the age old road to success in Hollywood: be born of crazy parents, have an eating disorder, and marry a successful actor.

Life Story

Her parents were psychedelic artist David Vaughan and his, then, sixteen year old muse and actress Mary Davidson. Nowadays, both pyschedelic drugs and impregnating a sixteen year old are illegal.

Her parents had six relationships between them, and although Sadie is the oldest they produced four sisters and five brothers for her: including fellow actresses Holly Davidson and Jade Davidson; eventually the drugs got the best of her parrents naming abilities as she also has a brother called Gabriel Jupiter and a sister named Sunshine Purple Tara Velvet.

She tried to do the acting thing, had several bad roles, and a little fame. But She is best known for marrying and having three children with Jude Law,

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