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Real name: Sabrina. Biography of Sabrina & facts: Sabrina is very beautiful and extremely.


Sabrina aka biography

Sabrina birth name:Sabrina
Sabrina birthday
Sabrina home townLos Angeles.
Sabrina assets
Sabrina vices
Sabrina height171 cm
Sabrina jobNude Model.
Sabrina hobbiesBackpacking.
Sabrina ethnicityWhite
Sabrina breast size34
Sabrina waist size24
Sabrina hips size35
Sabrina mottoSexy Busty Blonde
Real biography:

Sabrina is very beautiful and extremely uninhibited. In fact, she’s been known to go to an adult nightclub, strip off all her clothes in the ladies room, and then walk around the club totally naked just to see how long it takes for anyone to notice that she doesn’t actually work there. Sabrina is the covergirl for the Best of Video Magazine 6 and she also appears in Very Naked Discoveries.Sets with chicks she's worked with (that aren't listet here):

Jamie & SabrinaJamie, Anita & SabrinaSabrina & Veronica

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