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Real name: Sandra Ferilli. Biography of Sabrina Ferilli & facts: Italian Actress, mostly renown for.


Sandra Ferilli aka Sabrina biography

Sabrina Ferilli birth name:Sandra Ferilli
Sabrina Ferilli birthday1964-06-28
Sabrina Ferilli home townRome.
Sabrina Ferilli assetsBig tits.
Sabrina Ferilli vicesFan of AC Roma
Sabrina Ferilli height171 cm
Sabrina Ferilli jobActress.
Sabrina Ferilli hobbies
Sabrina Ferilli ethnicityWhite
Sabrina Ferilli breast size36
Sabrina Ferilli waist size26
Sabrina Ferilli hips size35
Sabrina Ferilli motto"My gift to the city." -Sabrina Ferilli, on her striptease at the AS Roma championship game.
Real biography:

Italian Actress, mostly renown for her nude scenes rather than her acting.

Sabrina is tightly connected with the soccer world, being one of the most famous supporters of the Italian soccer team AS Roma. Her devotion to the club is so big that in order to celebrate the 2001 Italian championship title, she performed a striptease in the middle of the stadium, to the delight of the present fans.

Made a nude calendar for the Italian magazine Max in 1999. Her sexy calender sold over one million copies, which is a record in Italy.

Her ex-husband Andrea Perone is a lawyer. At present engaged with a manager/politician former head of RAI

Has a cat named Romolo and a dog named Nina.

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