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Real name: Roxy Jezel. Biography of Roxy Jezel & facts: Biography Jezel, whose mother is English.


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Roxy Jezel birth name:Roxy Jezel
Roxy Jezel birthday1985-06-05
Roxy Jezel home townLondon, England.
Roxy Jezel assets
Roxy Jezel vices
Roxy Jezel height cm
Roxy Jezel jobPornstar.
Roxy Jezel hobbies
Roxy Jezel ethnicityAsian
Roxy Jezel breast size32
Roxy Jezel waist size24
Roxy Jezel hips size32
Roxy Jezel motto
Real biography: Biography

Jezel, whose mother is English and her father Thai, lived in East London. In an interview, she described where she lived as a "kind of ghetto".

Before beginning her career in adult film, she was an exotic dancer in Australia who started her own website. She was then contacted by LA Direct Models, who brought her to Los Angeles, California. Upon coming to America in 2003, she was immediately recruited by Red Light District and began her career -- her first scene was with Lexington Steele and Erik Everhard in the movie Me Luv U Long Time 4.

On July 28, 2006, she became the first place winner of the second season of the Jenna Jameson's Playboy TV show Jenna's American Sex Star. As the recipient of an exclusive contract with Club Jenna, Jezel is the company's first non-caucasian contract star.

Roxy made a cameo appearance in the Season 3 finale of the HBO series Entourage.

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