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Real name: Roselyn Sanchez. Biography of Roselyn Sanchez & facts: IntroductionA successful actress.


Roselyn Sanchez aka Roselyn biography

Roselyn Sanchez birth name:Roselyn Sanchez
Roselyn Sanchez birthday1973-04-02
Roselyn Sanchez home townSan Juan, Puerto Rico.
Roselyn Sanchez assetsCurves and the moves to put em to work.
Roselyn Sanchez vicesyounger men
Roselyn Sanchez height166 cm
Roselyn Sanchez jobSinger, Model, Actress.
Roselyn Sanchez hobbiesSinging, Dancing, Boxing.
Roselyn Sanchez ethnicityLatino
Roselyn Sanchez breast size34
Roselyn Sanchez waist size24
Roselyn Sanchez hips size35
Roselyn Sanchez mottoIf ballet was easy, it would be called football
Real biography: Introduction

A successful actress, singer and petite-pageant contestant, Puerto Rico-born Roselyn Sanchez might be the highest representation of Latin spice. She’s also been the best thing about many terrible movies.

Life Story

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the youngest of four siblings, Roselyn showed an interest in dancing and acting at an early age, and at 18, she moved to New York City. One year later, she was back in PR, where she made her movie debut as an island girl in the Kurt Russell-Martin Short vehicle Captain Ron. It would be the first installment in her Incredible Chick in an Incredibly Bad Movie cannon, which she would go on to fill with cinematic cringers like Held Up (Nia Long, Sarah Paulson), Boat Trip (Vivica A. Fox), Rush Hour 2 (Ziyi Zhang, Maggie Q), Chasing Papi (Sofia Vergara, Jaci Velasquez) and Underclassman (Kelly Hu). But Roselyn hasn’t reserved her involvement in less-than-stellar-fare to the big screen; she’s also appeared, as Pilar Domingo, in 23 episodes of As the World Turns, and in the short-lived TV shows Ryan Caulfield: Year One and Dragnet (Eva Longoria). Finally, Roselyn found some quality-production stability in 2005 when she joined the cast of CBS drama Without a Trace, in which she plays Agent Elena Delgado.Looking ahead, this lovely Latina will keep audiences awake in the neo-noirish The Perfect Sleep (Scarlett Chorvat), and she’ll split her free time between current boyfriend, actor Eric Winter, and involvement with the animal rights group PETA. (She even once appeared nude in a PETA ad to support an anti-fur campaign.) Thanks to Roselyn, no animals or moviegoers have been harmed.

Some marriages, however, were harmed by her turn in the film, Yellow, where she portrays a woman who runs away from home to America, because of all the incest at home. Basically, a regular episode of a telenovela, except she becomes a stripper and is very good at her new job.

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