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Real name: Rosaria Cannavo. Biography of Rosaria Cannavo & facts: Rosaria Cannavò, a 26 year-old.


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Rosaria Cannavo birth name:Rosaria Cannavo
Rosaria Cannavo birthday
Rosaria Cannavo home townCatania.
Rosaria Cannavo assets
Rosaria Cannavo vices
Rosaria Cannavo height173 cm
Rosaria Cannavo jobTV Personality.
Rosaria Cannavo hobbiesBallernia.
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Rosaria Cannavo mottosurfin USA
Real biography:

Rosaria Cannavò, a 26 year-old from Catania, Italy, is absolutely beautiful especially for her Mediterranean touch. With her simple, sweet look, the provoking brunette is a student at the university and an actress in the long run.Among some of her television programs she has played roles in, “Sarabanda”, “I Raccomandati” (Recommended to You), and “Paperissima” where she was one of the duckling dance girls or paperetta on the head floor. She has presented to the public her musical moves and ballerina skills given that her passion has always been the dance.In autumn she launched herself for a new modeling shoot in the raw for a Spanish weekly magazine, “Interviù”. She also participated in the new reality show, “Uno, Due, Tre..Stalla” (One, Two, Three…Stall) in Mediaset where she ended up as one of the three finalists in the show.

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