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Real name: Rashida Leah Jones. Biography of Rashida Jones & facts: Rashida Jones would never have.


Rashida Leah Jones aka Rashida biography

Rashida Jones birth name:Rashida Leah Jones
Rashida Jones birthday1976-02-25
NicknameRash or Rashi
Rashida Jones home townLos Angeles, CA.
Rashida Jones assetsDaughter Of mega-producer Quincy Jones.
Rashida Jones vices
Rashida Jones height163 cm
Rashida Jones jobActress.
Rashida Jones hobbiesSinging, songwriting, theatre, bungee, jumping, parasailing, skydiving.
Rashida Jones ethnicityMixed
Rashida Jones breast size34
Rashida Jones waist size24
Rashida Jones hips size34
Rashida Jones mottoBe friendly to everybody; protect yourself; people sometimes want a piece of you for no good reason; and always do things out of love not fear.
Real biography: Rashida Jones would never have been an actress had it not been for the media completely overcovering the O.J. Simpson (murder) trial. She would have been a lawyer and that would have sucked, unless you were also a lawyer, or a judge, or someone who needs a lawyer, or someone that just happened to be in the courtroom when this hot lawyer was also there.

Life Story

She is the youngest daughter of actress Peggy Lipton from her marriage to media mogul Quincy Jones. Jones' father is of Cherokee, West African and Welsh ancestry, and her mother is Jewish. She and her older sister Kidada, who would later be engaged to Tupac Shakur, were raised in Bel Air, California where she excelled at music before attending Harvard. Though raised Jewish, she began practicing Hinduism in her early teens after her mother took her to an Ashram in India only to return to her Jewish faith, flip-flopper!

Jones began the serious pursuit of an acting career in 1998, appearing in The Last Don, T.V.'s lame attempt to recreate the Godfather. She has since appeared in Myth America, East of A, If These Walls Could Talk II, and Little Black Book, Boston Public. Her big break came in September of 2006 when she joined the cast of The Office when it began its third season. She has since been cast in the pilot for the upcoming Farrelly brothers produced comedy Unhitched.

As a singer, Jones was a member and music director for Harvard's oldest co-ed a cappella group, The Harvard Opportunes, and spent much of her time with the group trying not to laugh at their name. She sang backup on the tracks "Tangled" and "Secret" from Maroon 5's hit record, Songs About Jane and also sang on the track "Kiwi" on their album "It Won't Be Soon Before Long." She can be heard singing backup in the The Gap commercial "Dress You Up" and the commercials "Mellow Yello" and "Crazy Stripes." Because singing and action is not enough, she also writes and models. Jones' written work has appeared in Teen Vogue. She also wrote chapter 36 of her father's biography Q: The Autobiography Of Quincy Jones and she has modeled for major clothing labels including Triple 5 Soul and The Gap. She has also appeared in editorials for magazines such as In Style and O Magazine.

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