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Real name: Yang Cheng Lin (楊丞琳). Biography of Rainie Yang & facts: Yang Cheng Lin (楊丞琳), also known.


Yang Cheng Lin (楊丞琳) aka Rainie biography

Rainie Yang birth name:Yang Cheng Lin (楊丞琳)
Rainie Yang birthday1984-06-04
NicknameAh Lin,Lin Lin,Xiao Cheng Lin,Cheng Lin,Rainie,Lily
Rainie Yang home townTaipei, Taiwan.
Rainie Yang assetsbeautiful smile, good style, cute.
Rainie Yang vicessometimes annoying
Rainie Yang height161 cm
Rainie Yang jobSinger, Actress, Host.
Rainie Yang hobbiesBallet, Streetdancing, Playing, with, her, dog, Sleeping, Reading, novels, journal, writing.
Rainie Yang ethnicityAsian
Rainie Yang breast size32
Rainie Yang waist size24
Rainie Yang hips size33
Rainie Yang mottoPriestess of of Cute
Real biography:

Yang Cheng Lin (楊丞琳), also known as Rainie Yang is popular Taiwanese female idol. She is well-known as an actor for example in popular dramas Meteor Garden (流星花園), Devil Beside You (惡魔在身邊) and Why Why Love (換換愛), and also as a singer. She has performed many theme and insert songs for Taiwanese dramas. In 2007 she starred in a movie Spider Lilies.

She started her singing career in a pop group "4 In Love." After the disbanding of "4 In Love" she started focusing more on her acting career.

Rainie Yang is often paired with an actor Mike He and also with an actor and singer Kingone Wang. They all acted together in dramas Devil Beside You and Why Why Love.

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