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Real name: Rachel India True. Biography of Rachel True & facts: Born in New York City where she.


Rachel India True aka Rachel biography

Rachel True birth name:Rachel India True
Rachel True birthday1966-11-15
Rachel True home townNew York City, NY.
Rachel True assetsAwesome Hair, Beautiful Face.
Rachel True vices
Rachel True height161 cm
Rachel True jobActress.
Rachel True hobbiesSegway, Polo.
Rachel True ethnicityMixed
Rachel True breast size36
Rachel True waist size24
Rachel True hips size38
Rachel True motto
Real biography:

Born in New York City where she grew up, raised by her stepmother who made a living as a Broadway actress. His highly attractive biracial actress wanted to be an actress ever since she was a child watching her renowned step-mother, Verona Barnes, perform in theater. Her first break came with a role on the NBC sitcom "The Cosby Show" playing a friend of Theo's and she was brought back for three more episodes. Next up was a pilot for PBS entitled "Pathfinder", followed by the television special "Moment of Truth: Stalking Back" (NBC), "Tall Hopes" (CBS) and the ABC Afterschool Special, "Stood up".

True moved to Los Angeles in 1993 to act in her first feature, entitled "CB4", a rap parody with Chris Rock directed by Tamra Davis for Universal Pictures. True has also appeared in a recurring role on HBO's sitcom "Dream On", as well as in a short film called "Squids". She made guest appearances on several other television series including "Beverly Hills 90210" and also "Boston Common". In 1994 she was seen alongside Alyssa Milano on the thriller, "Embrace of the Vampire" (New Line). Television movies followed including and "A Walton Wedding" (1995). It was in 1996 that the beautiful actress started getting noticed by the press, after appearing as a teenage witch in the cult-hit "The Craft" alongside Neve Campbell and Fairuza Balk, which opened at No. 1 at the box office. Following that came the Greg Araki's independent film "Nowhere" (1997), and then she played Dave Chappelle's romantic interest in "Half-Baked". During 1997, she also had a role on the ABC sitcom The Drew Carrey Show. In 1999, she was seen in another ABC sitcom, "Now and Again". Recent projects include films "New Best Friend," with Mia Krishner, Dominique Swain and Taye Diggs, “The Big Split” and the “Groove" which premiered at Sundance in 2001. True lives in Los Angeles.She was soon cast as Mona in the UPN television comedy "Half And Half" (2002), which also co-starred Essences Atkins. In 2002 Rachel can be seen in the UPN sitcom “Half and Half”Mona in “Half and Half”Rachel True stars as Mona, an independent, free-spirited, budding music executive who was raised by her single mother.1

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