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Real name: Rachael Taylor. Biography of Rachel Taylor & facts: Introduction You know Rachel Taylor.


Rachael Taylor aka Rachel biography

Rachel Taylor birth name:Rachael Taylor
Rachel Taylor birthday1984-07-11
NicknameSex phen
Rachel Taylor home townLaunceston, Tasmania, Australia.
Rachel Taylor assetsEyeballs.
Rachel Taylor vicesDrapes don''t match the curtains...
Rachel Taylor height166 cm
Rachel Taylor jobModel, Actress.
Rachel Taylor hobbiesPlucking, her, eyebrows.
Rachel Taylor ethnicityWhite
Rachel Taylor breast size30
Rachel Taylor waist size23
Rachel Taylor hips size33
Rachel Taylor mottoI am a robot in disguise.
Real biography: Introduction

You know Rachel Taylor because she plays the super smart chick along side the super smart fat bro (who was also in Harold and Kumar) in the movie Transformers. She has real pretty eyes.

Life Story

Taylor is a relative newcomer on the scene of hotness. Her biggest role to date was as Maggie Madsen in Michael Bay’s quaint destruction of your favorite childhood memories, known as Transformers. Before joining the darkside, she played a well-received part in a TV show called Heartland. Her performance drew much attention, and earned her an obscure and ill-named award known as the Logie.

She is originally from Australia and was a finalist in the Miss Teen Tasmania competition. Judges gave her special recognition for having a full set of teeth and not showing up to the goddamn talent competition smelling like Fosters (Australian for Beer). She is set to star in a 2008 remake of the Thai film Shutter.

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