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Real name: Rachel Star Withers. Biography of Rachel Star & facts: Rachel Star (The Amazing Rachel.


Rachel Star Withers aka Rachel biography

Rachel Star birth name:Rachel Star Withers
Rachel Star birthday1985-07-15
NicknameRachel Star
Rachel Star home townIndian Land, SC.
Rachel Star assetsAwesome breasts and leg muscles.
Rachel Star vicesStunts,Adventure,Danger
Rachel Star height171 cm
Rachel Star jobStunt Girl, Producer.
Rachel Star hobbiesStunts, acting, rapping.
Rachel Star ethnicityWhite
Rachel Star breast size
Rachel Star waist size
Rachel Star hips size
Rachel Star mottoI'll try anything once. It's the second and third times that get me.
Real biography:

Rachel Star (The Amazing Rachel Star) is a crazy stunt girl/producer/rapper and much more. She has worked with TV shows all around the world usually starring as herself. She runs the website www.rachelstarlive.com where she showcases her work and internet stunt show.

Rachel is a schizophrenic and talks openly about it in hopes of helping other people with mental illness feel less alone and educate "normal" people. She has made documentaries about her struggles with this disorder, including her electro convulsive therapy treatments.

Rachel set the record for most fireballs blown in a minute via the World of Wows- 27.

She is also known for performing stunts that have never been attempted before. Her stunt show often features other minor celebrites, stunt people, strange characters and her family. Her dad sets up most of her stunts and taught her how to blow fire.

In June of 2008 Rachel was featured on NBC's "America's Got Talent", although quickly buzzed off by the judges. Her act was later called one of the cheesiest ever. Rachel just laughs about it.

Some of her stunts include:Bikini Paintball,Flaming Nunchucks,Nailbed,Blowing Fire,Eating Glass,Ring of Fire,Ship's Mast,Martial Arts Fighting and Weapons,Walking on Burning Coals,Broken Glass Slip n Slide, Barefoot Flaming Hacky Sack

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