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Real name: Rachel Sarah Specter. Biography of Rachel Specter & facts: IntroductionRachel Specter's.


Rachel Sarah Specter aka Rachel biography

Rachel Specter birth name:Rachel Sarah Specter
Rachel Specter birthday1980-04-09
Rachel Specter home townTampa, Forida.
Rachel Specter assetsGraduated with Honors from the University of Florida.
Rachel Specter vicesTwo Different Colored Eyes (Wait,maybe that is sexy?)
Rachel Specter height166 cm
Rachel Specter jobActress.
Rachel Specter hobbiesGator, football.
Rachel Specter ethnicity
Rachel Specter breast size30
Rachel Specter waist size23
Rachel Specter hips size33
Rachel Specter mottoLook into my eyes.
Real biography: Introduction

Rachel Specter's eyes are two different colors; one is brown and the other is half brown and half gray. Freaky in the way we all wanted to bang the alien chick in "V".

Life Story

Rachel Specter is best known for her role as as the hot model the the RGX body spray commercials. In addition to her work in commercials, she has guest-starred in episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" with Alyson Hannigan a girl who likes flutes and Cobie Smulders (not to mention Doogie Howser), "Gilmore Girls" with Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, "What I Like About You" with Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth, and "Entourage", as well as co-hosted the April 4th, 2007 episode of "Attack of The Show!" She also was cast in the pilot of some Comedy Central pilot that never saw the light of day: It was a big step in her career.She has a slew of upcoming releases, including Prom Night with Brittany Snow, Deep in the Valley with Kim Kardashian, The House Bunny with Anna Faris and Katharine McPhee, and Alone in the Dark II with no one in particular.

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