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Real name: Rachel Shelley. Biography of Rachel Shelley & facts: No, she's not a lesbian. But she.


Rachel Shelley aka Rachel biography

Rachel Shelley birth name:Rachel Shelley
Rachel Shelley birthday1969-08-25
Rachel Shelley home townSwindon, England.
Rachel Shelley assetsCan play nice or naughty characters.
Rachel Shelley vicesNecklaces
Rachel Shelley height173 cm
Rachel Shelley jobActress.
Rachel Shelley hobbiesTraveling, seeing, other, cultures.
Rachel Shelley ethnicityWhite
Rachel Shelley breast size34
Rachel Shelley waist size24
Rachel Shelley hips size34
Rachel Shelley mottoYour body’s impulses tell you who you want to be intimate with.
Real biography: No, she's not a lesbian. But she plays one on TV.

Life Story

Rachel Shelley, star of Showtime's The L-Word, enjoys playing a character you love to hate. Despite the fact that when she first signed up to star in the groundbreaking lesbian show, she was known for playing nicer roles, she fell in love with the character of Helena Peabody.

Before her role on The L Word which also stars Jennifer Beals, Mia Kirshner and Pam Grier, Shelley starred in films like the Academy Award nominated Lagaam: Once Upon a Time in India, and Everybody Loves Sunshine. But her breakthrough came playing lesbian bad-girl on The L Word, even though she is straight in real life.

Her acting ability as a lesbian is so convincing that she also played a gay character in the Heather Graham film Gray Matters. When asked about filming racy sex scenes with women, Shelley replied, "I’ve learned about how different positions makes your breasts look better than other positions on camera. I’ve learned that the other actress can have an affect on you that you might not think they will."

Since the show aired, Shelley has become somewhat of an icon in the gay and lesbian community, and she actively participates in L Word conventions and fan events.

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