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Real name: Poonam Jhawer. Biography of Poonam Jhawer & facts: After making her debut in Bollywood.


Poonam Jhawer aka Poonam biography

Poonam Jhawer birth name:Poonam Jhawer
Poonam Jhawer birthday
Poonam Jhawer home townMumbai.
Poonam Jhawer assetssexy.
Poonam Jhawer vices
Poonam Jhawer height173 cm
Poonam Jhawer jobActress, Singer.
Poonam Jhawer hobbies
Poonam Jhawer ethnicityAsian
Poonam Jhawer breast size38
Poonam Jhawer waist size26
Poonam Jhawer hips size39
Poonam Jhawer motto
Real biography: After making her debut in Bollywood opposite Suniel Shetty in Mohra, sensuous Poonam Jhawer was lost in the ocean of Hindi cinema. However, she soon came back as an performer and singer and top of that THE YOUNGEST FILM PRODUCER And today, she is a singer, model, actress and a film maker. She will soon be seen on the silver screen in a country-girl avatar.

But this definitely doesn’t mean that she won’t be doing photo shoots any more. Poonam has recently done a very ’sensuous yet decent’ photo shot which she says she took up to break free from the ’simple and sweet girl’ image. And reportedly Poonam was all set to pose for Playboy Centrespread, a legendary magazine that is known to fascinate men all over the globe. Sadly, the photo shoot that all the men have been waiting for has not come out yet.

Poonam must have definitely lost out on a lot of money due to this. However she says she simply doesn’t care about money. “I really don’t care about how much they were ready to pay me for that. If I am not comfortable with something, then I don’t even bother to ask about the amount,” she says

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