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Real name: Pamela David. Biography of Pamela David & facts: Pamela David was born in Córdoba.


Pamela David aka Pamela biography

Name: Pamela
Surname: David
Pamela David birth name: Pamela David
Pamela David birthday: 1978-06-10
Nickname: Pame
Pamela David home town: Buenos Aires.
Pamela David assets: T & A.
Pamela David vices:
Pamela David height: 176 cm
Pamela David job: Model.
Pamela David hobbies
Pamela David ethnicityWhite
Pamela David breast size34
Pamela David waist size24
Pamela David hips size35
Pamela David mottoLa mujer mas linda de la Argentina
Real biography:

Pamela David was born in Córdoba, Argentina on the 6th October 1978 and she move to Santiago del Estero when she was a child . Pamela entered many beauty contests while in Santiago del Estero and won the regional contest for the 'Tourism Queen' contest, later winning the national title be crowned 'National Queen of Tourism in Argentina'. David moved from her town of birth to Buenos Aires in 1998 to study Enterprise Management. Uninterested by her university studies David dropped out of university, so that she could focus on a modeling career. After university David was signed to the Ricardo Piñeiro Modeling Agency, and received steady assignments.

Pamela David shot to fame in the second serious of the reality TV show Ricardo Piñeiro Modeling Agency' (The Tavern) in 2001. This exposure brought her to the attention of the Argentinean Playboy magazine and they made her a cover model. David also appeared on the cover of the famous Spanish magazine Interviú. In 2005, Pamela David appeared in two episodes of the Noche de juegos and an episode of De pe a pa as herself. David has also done work as a TV presenter on the TV series Fuera de Foco.

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