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Real name: Nicole Sheridan. Biography of Nicole Sheridan & facts: Nicole Sheridan is a star in the.


Nicole Sheridan aka Nicole biography

Nicole Sheridan birth name:Nicole Sheridan
Nicole Sheridan birthday1975-05-07
NicknameNaughty Nicole
Nicole Sheridan home townPennsylvania.
Nicole Sheridan assetsLong Legs, Big Chesticles.
Nicole Sheridan vicesDoin'' anal
Nicole Sheridan height178 cm
Nicole Sheridan jobPorn Star.
Nicole Sheridan hobbiesDoin'', anal.
Nicole Sheridan ethnicityWhite
Nicole Sheridan breast size34
Nicole Sheridan waist size24
Nicole Sheridan hips size36
Nicole Sheridan mottoBefore I got married, I had only been in two serious relationships. One was for five years and the other was for four years, so I didn't really date a lot of guys.
Real biography: Nicole Sheridan is a star in the porn world known for her freaky love of taking it up the butt. But much to the dismay of male porn stars around the world, she'll only have sex on camera with her husband.

Life Story

Sheridan was born in rural Pennsylvania and in high school did such wholesome things as cheerleading and gymnastics. During that time she must have discovered that her innate hotness, paired with superior flexibility and an abilty to shout loudly, would make for a great career in the adult industry. After high school Sheridan started to work at local strip clubs before getting into fetish and bondage films. Not one to be pushed over, Sheridan mainly played the dominant role in these films (not like we watch them or anything). In 2000 Sheridan made the ultimate career move for any young porn actress and moved to Los Angeles. It wasn't long before Metro Pictures saw what a talent she was and signed her to a three year contract.

In October of 2000, Sheridan married male porn-star Alexandre Boisvert. In order to be a good wife, Sheridan only does sex scenes with her husband. However, to be a good porn star, she will do scenes with her husband and another male. To keep their films exciting, Sheridan and Boisvert do anal in just about every scene they do together (again, it's not like we've watched them, we looked it up. Though Ass Angels 5 was awesome). In 2002 Sheridan reached the pinnacle of porn-stardom when she won the AVN Best Anal Sex Scene Award, for her work in Taboo 2001 - A Sex Odyssey.

Outside of the world of porn, Sheridan and her husband are avid skydivers. Together, they've logged over 300 jumps and, in an effort to combine porn and skydiving, are working on an experimental "mockumentary" about sex while skydiving. She was interview on Skydive Radio episode #63 only time will tell if this will be a hit.

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