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Real name: Nicole Elikolani Prescovia. Biography of Nicole Scherzinger & facts: IntroductionThe.


Nicole Elikolani Prescovia aka Nicole biography

Nicole Scherzinger birth name:Nicole Elikolani Prescovia
Nicole Scherzinger birthday1978-06-29
Nicole Scherzinger home townHonolulu, HI.
Nicole Scherzinger assetsEurasian good looks with a body that makes you masturbate.
Nicole Scherzinger vicesPineapple
Nicole Scherzinger height166 cm
Nicole Scherzinger jobSinger.
Nicole Scherzinger hobbiesWatching, movies.
Nicole Scherzinger ethnicityMixed
Nicole Scherzinger breast size30
Nicole Scherzinger waist size23
Nicole Scherzinger hips size33
Nicole Scherzinger mottoDancing is another way to communicate. That's what separates Pussycat Dolls from other groups
Real biography: Introduction

The Pussycat Dolls sold nearly 3 million albums in 2006, thanks largely to their leader Nicole Scherzinger. Her 2007 solo album's title says it all: Her Name is Nicole. It's no wonder that Ms. Scherziner needs to remind everyone what her name is, as the singer is probably best known as a Lead Pussycat of the band/dance troupe The Pussy Cat Dolls (Carmen Elektra). Nicole, who was born in Hawaii but moved to Kentucky with her family at a young age, started out singing in local Youth Group performances. Her career got a kick in the pants in 2000, when she was a contestant on the WB's American Idol-esque show Popstars, where Nicole won a place in the all-girl band Eden's Crush.

Life Story

The band didn't stick around for long, so Nicole took a chance at a solo career, singing a version of "Breakfast in Bed" for the soundtrack of the film 50 First Dates (Drew Barrymore). In 2003 Nicole joined the Pussy Cat Dolls, after being impressed with the dancers being led by Carmen Elektra on an episode of Late Night With David Letterman. Nicole auditioned, and won the coveted crown of Queen Pussycat Doll, providing the lead vocals for the groups 2006 album PCD, which featured the hit "Don't Cha." She is also the only Doll to actually write some of the songs on the album including, "I Don't Need a Man" and "Buttons."In 2007, Nicole re-launched her solo career with the album Her Name is Nicole, which features the singles "Whatever U Like" and "Baby Love." Both videos for the singles show of Nicole's impressive body and dancing ability. She is currently promoting her album.

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