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Real name: Nautica Thorn. Biography of Nautica Thorn & facts: Thorn is half Japanese, a quarter.


Nautica Thorn aka Nautica biography

Nautica Thorn birth name:Nautica Thorn
Nautica Thorn birthday1984-06-18
Nautica Thorn home townWaipahu, Hawaii.
Nautica Thorn assets
Nautica Thorn vices
Nautica Thorn height163 cm
Nautica Thorn jobPorn star.
Nautica Thorn hobbies
Nautica Thorn ethnicityMixed
Nautica Thorn breast size32
Nautica Thorn waist size24
Nautica Thorn hips size32
Nautica Thorn motto
Real biography:

Thorn is half Japanese, a quarter Puerto Rican, and a quarter Hawaiian. Her mother works as a secretary, and her father is in the construction business. Thorn revealed that she lost her virginity at the age of fourteen. Growing up in Hawaii, her first job was working in promotion and marketing person for a record company at age fourteen. At sixteen, she relocated to California; she later said regarding the move "when I was a little kid, I already knew I wanted to be a stripper."

After she turned eighteen, she began working as a stripper. Shortly afterwards, an agent offered to represent her, and Thorn went from dancing to nude modeling, followed by masturbation scenes and later hardcore sex.

Initially she worked an aggressive schedule of film bookings, working every day. She says about that pace "it just killed me" and that she "kept on getting torn and yeast infections." She now limits herself to just five or six shoots a month.

Thorn was a cast member of the Fox Network reality TV show My Bare Lady. She was also briefly featured as a lap dancer in the 2007 feature film comedy, Knocked Up.

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