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Real name: Natalie Anne Gulbis. Biography of Natalie Gulbis & facts: Natalie Gulbis is a.


Natalie Anne Gulbis aka Natalie biography

Natalie Gulbis birth name:Natalie Anne Gulbis
Natalie Gulbis birthday1983-01-07
NicknameAnna Kournikova of Golf
Natalie Gulbis home townSacramento, CA.
Natalie Gulbis assetsBody.
Natalie Gulbis vicesHer actual golfing
Natalie Gulbis height176 cm
Natalie Gulbis jobGolfer.
Natalie Gulbis hobbiesPosing, in, swimwear, and, riling, the, LPGA.
Natalie Gulbis ethnicityWhite
Natalie Gulbis breast size30
Natalie Gulbis waist size23
Natalie Gulbis hips size33
Natalie Gulbis mottoI see myself as an athlete and just try to market myself as a feminine athlete.
Real biography: Natalie Gulbis is a professional golfer on the LPGA tour. She’s known more for her off-the-links modeling than for her on-the-links play. She released a swimsuit calendar that was barred by the LPGA, and contributes to FHM Magazine. She also has been in a high-profile relationship with Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, “Big Ben” Roethlisberger.

Natalie is of Latvian descent and was born in Sacramento, California to parents John and Barbara. John worked for the Sacramento County Probation Department, and her mother was the purchasing director at a local medial laboratory. Interestingly enough, the same jail cells where John used to work, are now papered with pictures of his daughter in her swimsuit.

John taught Natalie to play golf at the age of four, and by seven she’d already won her first tournament. At the age of ten, Natalie was breaking par, and by fourteen she had played in her first LPGA event. Natalie graduated high school at the age of 16, and played for one season at the University of Arizona. However, she dropped out there, deciding to go pro at the age of 18. Why go to school when you can earn millions of dollars playing sports? (This is an important lesson for all you young readers out there).

While Natalie didn’t win a tournament during her first five years on the tour, she did still make over one million dollars in career earnings. Her greatest golfing accomplishment is that she placed in the Top Ten in four consecutive tournaments in 2005-2006. Her greatest overall accomplishment is that Natalie has become known as the sex symbol of the LPGA. She released a swimsuit calendar, which was barred from being sold on the tour, in America. However, it’s widely sold in Canada. She also is writing a golf advice column in FHM. Her looks have garnered a lot of attention; all she needs to do now is improve her game. Gil Ozir, VP of Marketing for Raymond Weil, one of Natalie’s endorsers, has been quoted as saying, “Once she starts winning, she’s going to be a megastar.” Good luck with the golfing Natalie, but please don’t give up on the modeling!

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